change from oil to gas heating

Reasons why you should consider changing from Oil to Gas:

Both natural gas and oil are used as energy source for your heating and hot water. Due to its advantages, natural gas is more commonly used in domestic properties, unless there is no gas supply available in your area. With Winter approaching, it is worth considering converting to Natural Gas and enjoy the cold season in the comfort of your cozy home.

What are the advantages of Natural Gas vs Oil?

  1. Supply
    Natural Gas is distributed through a network of pipelines directly to the property. Unlike Oil, you don’t have to fill any tank at the beggining of winter and the supply is uninterrupted.
  2. Space
    Natural Gas removes the need of having an oil tank within the property. Oil tanks are quite large and they are often placed in the garden or garage, taking a lot of space. 
  3. Price
    Oil is, generally, more expensive than gas. Oil prices are more unpredictable and vary depending on demand and supply. While gas prices are not completely fixed, you will get a tariff from your gas provider and you can foresee how much will cost you to heat your house in winter.
  4. Maintenance
    Gas boilers burn fuel in a cleaner way than oil. This resulsts in longer life-spans and less repairs.
  5. Soil and groundwater contamination
    Oil that is stored in a tank could potentially leak. This would lead to soil and groundwater contamination, and could affect nearby plants and the quality of the water.

How do I know if I can get Gas Supply to my property?

 To find out if your property can get connected to the gas network in Northern Ireland, visit Phoenix Gas and check your postcode:
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